Friday, March 20, 2009

Life is Weird

I don't know what is going on, but I have seen some weird things in the last couple days. Today while driving to class there was a girl waiting to cross the street. She was fully decked out like Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz, complete with the brown basket, red slippers and pigtails. Okay, so it's near a college campus, whatever. I drive by her and go to turn the corner when I see a man leading along a three-legged dog. I've seen more pathetic dogs (see the video below), but that was interesting.

But that's not too bad. However, yesterday I was walking in Provo and went by a girl who was apparently practicing her tight-rope walking....and she was actually pretty decent. I wonder how the desire to become a great tight-rope walker rises up in someone. Lastly and bestly, I was driving from my house to a friend's and was doing past the old Word Perfect buildings in Orem. To the left the houses are sort of up on a hill. Down this hill and onto the street I saw two deer fall (it was really dark). One got up and tried to run but seemed to not be able to get traction on the blacktop. But then the two deer were running into each other which confused me until they managed to get closer and I saw that, yes, there was one deer, but the other animal was what looked like a golden retriever with it's teeth sunk into the deer's neck.

I'll be danged if their struggle didn't take them right in the middle of the lane I was in. I stopped obviously and wanted to get the dang dog off the deer, so I tried honking and flashing my brights. They continued to struggle right in front of me for a time, then the dog managed to drag the deer to the other side of the road and down a hill toward the office buildings out of sight.

I'm a deer hunter, but there's something different about seeing a crazy dog just doing at a deer that you know is totally done for. I really do wonder how the deer got into such a predicament in the first place; usually a dog wouldn't be able to get close enough to make a move like that. Anyway, it is odd and was just one other random thing I've witnessed. We'll see if it continues.


  1. Simply beautiful. You need to teach me how to see cool stuff like that. I feel my life needs some spicing up with the unexpected.

  2. The Tournament has been pretty calm.